“LIGHTNING,” the debut EP from




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  1. Hi Tamara.. your sister bought our Woodinville home. Music is a big part of our lives, and you are very talented and we really enjoy your sound and style! Best of luck to you! Ruthee & Rick Repin

  2. Morning Sunshine… have a nice sweet cup of coffee and watch the sunrise a new day for you everyday. Georgia is so cute and smiles a lot

  3. Hi Tamara, I have set your background music in one of my youtube videos, I’m from Spain, but if you want to see you leave here a link:

  4. Hello Tamara :-) My name in Jean Luc and i’m french, i just want to tell you i love your music you are young and so beautiful and you have a beautiful voice too … felicitation

  5. Hi Tamara,

    I’ve just discovered you and your lovely music thanks to a youtube video. It is about a second-hand store in Madrid and the girl who speaks is a spanish actress. I’m from Spain!

    Kisses ***

  6. Bonjour Tamara. J’écris de France ( Avignon ) pour te dire que ta voix et ta musique sont magnifiques. Une grande carrière en perspective!

  7. remember a two minute YouTube… Come on do it Tamara, you know you want to, you know you have to, can live with doing it, So do it, now, no… Now then, ok you can do it Now. go it, YouTube funny not funny sing don’t sing just do it. Be Ohlof and do it for a warm hug.

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